My name is Yulia and I have a great passion for nail care.


I really like painting my nails and I'm always looking for new colors.


Like any nail polish enthusiast, at some point I realized that  it is difficult to find a nail polish in conventional stores that has a unique color or a particular finish, but also offers high product quality at an affordable price. And here's how I found out about the indie nail polishes that combine everything I want from a nail polish. They are produced by small brands and are not very advertised, but once you start using them you will never be able to do without them.


The only problem is finding them. As I said before, they are not sold in perfume stores of drugstores, like other nail polishes. So, I had the idea of opening my own shop and bringing the magic of indie nail polish to Italy.


I personally chose the brands for my shop and got to know the women who manage them. The brands you find on this site are based in Europe or the UK, and even if they are small, they fully respect all European quality standards.


In my opinion, it is important to give value to small artisan brands (and here in Italy we know well that artisanal equals quality), managed by women who put all their passion in creating their products.


Another important criteria for me is that all nail polishes are vegan and cruelty free, because our beauty must not cause suffering to any living being.


Accent Nail is the right shop for you, if

  • you also look at the nail polish display in your local drugstore and you can't find the color that's right for you, and that is of good quality without having an excessive price

  • give a lot of value to artisanal and niche products

  • you like to show your artistic side through makeup and manicure

  • you love getting compliments on your nails

  • you like to match the nail color to your outfit, to your mood or the season and weather

  • you are convinced that beauty and love will save the world


Thanks for your trust!



Accent Nail